Founded in 2008, Families Creating Together drew inspiration from many places, particularly Elders Share the Arts in New York. FCT was informed by the ESTA vision of an inclusive, intergenerational, multicultural community grounded in the arts as a vehicle to celebrate people and groups who are undervalued and isolated in society. 

FCT was created at the Spontaneous Celebrations Community Cultural center in collaboration with City Life/Vida Urbana's Parent Organization Project. The first FCT workshop was offered to Latino families of children with special needs in 2008. Since then FCT has provided many multi-week workshops with an enthusiastic response from the community.

In 2013, FCT received the Arts/Learning “Good Neighbor Award,” which was presented at the 27th Annual Champions of the Arts Advocacy Awards Ceremony at Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. FCT principals have been presenters at local, state,  national and international conferences.